Friday, January 17, 2020

Session 1

Open Stretch - 2:30pm

Xcel Silver

Gym Fit, RTGC, Greenville GTC, Palmetto Gymnastics Academy, Acrosmith, Foothills, Spartanburg, Chalkettes, All-In Academy, Electric City, Soda City, Upstate Gymnastics, Easley GTC

Session 2

Open Stretch -  6:15pm

Xcel Silver

Stanly County, Brussells, Carolina Stars, Champions, Flipsters, Flip!Gym

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Session 3

Open Stretch - 8:00am

Xcel Bronze/HUGS

Soda City, Electric City, All In Academy, Stanly County, Foothills HUGS, Flip! Gym, Champions, Upstate Gymnastics, Carolina Stars, Palmetto Gymnastics Academy

Session 4

Open Stretch - 10:45am

Xcel Bronze/1/2/3

Easley GTC, Premier Force GT, Spartanburg, Foothills, Brussells, Flipsters, Gym-Fit, Acrosmith

Session 5

Open Stretch - 1:30pm

All Level 6 and Level 7

Session 6

Open Stretch - 5:15pm

All Level 8-10

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Session 7

Open Stretch - 8:00am

Xcel Gold/4/5

Stanly County, Brussells, Chalkettes, Easley GTC, Foothills, Palmetto Gymnastics Academy, Upstate, Electric City, Soda City, Greenville GTC, Gym Fit

Session 8 

Open Stretch - 11:00am

Xcel Gold

Flip!, All In Academy, Flipsters, RTGC, Champions, Gym Fit, Palmetto Gymnastics Academy, Spirit Athletics, Spartanburg, Carolina Stars, Easley GTC

Session 9

Open Stretch - 2:00pm

All Xcel Platinum and Xcel Diamond

Session 10

Open Stretch - 5:15pm

All AAU Athletes

2020 Furman Classic Schedule

Celebrating our 10 year anniversary! 

A decade of experience and celebrating gymnastics!