Celebrating our 10 year anniversary! 

A decade of experience and celebrating gymnastics! 

Boys and Girls age 6 and up. 

Participants will be divided into appropriate age categories. 

Pre-registration is $45.00.

After December 15th registration is $55.00.


Team Competition! 

The team must consist of 3 participants. Can be female or male and all ages. 

The winning team will receive a trophy and an autographed card from Drew Dreschel, winner of American Ninja Warrior, 2019.

There is no cost to enter the team competition.  

Each participant will receive a Furman Classic Ninja Warrior T-Shirt and medal.

Each participant will be allowed to have two practice run-throughs before the competition.

The competition will be timed with two falls allowed (with a fall time penalty).  

*Registration and Rules -

See at the bottom of this page. 

January 19, 2020

Meet Director, Kim Patterson

Contact for more information and registration forms. 



An official Ninja Warrior course will be used for this competition so come and try your skills out and see if you have what it takes to become the NEXT

American Ninja Warrior.